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Author: Lauren Hoefs

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Brief Description
  • ePals is an educational media company and the world’s largest K-12 social network for meaningful learning.
  • The website offers a safe and secure learning platform for “building educational communities, providing quality digital content, and facilitating collaboration for effective 21st century learning” (corp.epals.com/about-us.php).
  • Teachers can use the site as a means to foster global communication in order to create culturally-enriching learning experiences for their students.

How to Use the Tool
Part 1 - How to create an ePals profile (4:49)
Part 2 - How to find a partner classroom for collaboration (2:52)
Part 3 - How to locate a partner in the project workspace & create your own project posting (3:58)
Part 4 - How to navigate ePals e-mail (4:34)

Examples of Use
Effective Educational Use of ePals Chart

Example 1: Collaboration on Lessons, Units of Study, and Assignments (4:44)

Example 2: Digital Pen Pals (3:37)

Example 3: Second Language Learning (3:29)