Author: Angela D.

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Brief Description
Educreations is a free tool that functions as an interactive whiteboard and recording tool. It can be accessed using a PC or iPad. Educreations allows users to upload images, add text and narration to create videos that can be easily shared via email, Facebook, Twitter or embedded on a website. Educators have the option of creating classes so that videos created by the teacher as well as students will automatically sync to the class account.

How to Use the Tool

Video 1: Creating an account (Length 4:16 min)
Video 2: Creating a video (Length 6:00 min)
Video 3: Sharing a video (Length 3:34 min)

Examples of Use

5 Effective Uses of Educreations in the Classroom Summary

Strategy 1: Collaborative Problem Solving (Length 8:14 min)
Strategy 2: Digital Storytelling (Length 5:34 min)
Strategy 3: Text Annotation (Length 7:51 min)
Strategy 4: Reflection and Feedback (Length 6:23 min)
Strategy 5: Teacher and student generated tutorials (Length 4:19 min)