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Eric Brink

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Brief Description
Scrumy is a ridiculously simple and super intuitive project management tool designed for planning various tasks in a project. Essentially functioning as a virtual big board with sticky notes, Scrumy is great for one organizationally challenged student to plan their tasks on a project, for small groups which need to accomplish a number of tasks in a medium sized project, and even works wonderfully for a class sized project with multiple tasks and roles. A major strength of the program is that it is free and so simple that students barely need to be taught how to use it.

How to Use the Tool
How to Use Scrumy (4:03)

Examples of Use
Rationale for Using Scrumy

Ideas demonstrating each use
Assistive Technology (5:15)
Small to Medium Project Management (6:34)
Teacher classroom/class project management (5:29)