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Author: Katie D.

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Haiku Deck

Brief Description
Haiku deck is a free presentation software that allows you to make presentations fun, entertaining and creative. Presentations can be shared, posted, linked on a website and/or blog, and can be viewed on Apple devices including iPhones, iPads, or from the web or computer. With Haiku Decks, you have full access to free images, licensing and commercial use which makes it easy to incorporate images into your presentation. You have the ability to share your presentations on several different platforms including email, Google Plus, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. There is also the option to export your presentation to PowerPoint or PDF, for example.

How to Use the Tool
How To Use Haiku Deck (4:57)

Examples of Use
Examples of How to Use Haiku Deck

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Example 2 (3:25)
Example 3 (3:29)